Judgment 19632/20

Applicant name Z.A.
Applicant type natural person (immigrant)
Number of applicants 1
Application no. 19632/20
Date 09/03/2023
Judges Mārtiņš Mits, President,
 Síofra O’Leary,
 María Elósegui
Institution Court
Type Judgment
Outcome Art. 8 No violation
Reason Necessary (prevention disorder and crime)
Type of privacy Private life
Keywords Deportation criminal migrant
Facts of the case This case concerns the deportation order made against the applicant by the Minister of Justice, and the unsuccessful challenge to that order that he brought before the domestic courts. The applicant complains of violations of his right to respect for his private and family life under Article 8, and of his right to an effective remedy under Article 13 of the Convention.
Analysis The Court finds that the balance struck by the Minister between the applicant’s private life interests, i.e., the totality of his social ties to Ireland while he still lived there, and the aim of preventing disorder or crime, fell within an acceptable margin of appreciation and therefore cannot be regarded as unfair.
Other Article violation?No violation 13 ECHR
Damage awarded
Documents Judgment