Resolution 1970 3321/67 3322/67 3323/67 3344/67

Applicant name Denmark, Sweden, Norway & the Netherlands
Applicant type State
Country Greece
Decision no. 3321/67 3322/67 3323/67 3344/67
Date 15/04/1970
Institution Committee of Ministers
Type Resolution
Outcome Art. 8 Violation
Reason Illegitimate interference; no state of emergency;
Type of privacy Locational Privacy
Keywords Revolutionary government invokes state of emergency to quell reistance
Facts of the case See earlier Report
Analysis This Resolution is interesting for two reasons. First, it is a predecessor of a problem that would arise later, inter alia with Russia, namely that although the state is a party to the Convention, it violates the Convention on many accounts and does not respect nor follow the judgements of the Court or other institutions. The government of Greece has simply denounced on 12 December 1969, the European Convention on Human Rights and the First Protocol and this denunciation came effective on 13 June 1970. Second, as a solution, the Court has now been invested with the authority to issue Pilot Judgements, in which it also gives advice on legislative reform. Such advice was not alien to the Convention mechanism in the past, but was issued by the Committee of Ministers (kind of the executive branch of the Council of Europe).
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