7819/77 7878/77

Applicant name Campbell
Applicant type Prisoner
Country UK
Decision no. 7819/77 7878/77
Institution Commission
Type Decision
Outcome Art. 8 Admissible
Type of privacy Procedural privacy; informational privacy
Keywords Contact with solicitors
Facts of the case Person is hindered in his correspondence with his solicitors by prison authorities.
Analysis The applicant did not need to exhaust all domestic remedies, as there was reason to belief they were ineffective. The delay in the applicant being able to bring forth his claim is considered a potential violation of ARticle 6 ECHR. Interestingly, the inferfence with the appicant’s contacts with his solicitors is not treated by the Commission as a potential interference with his right to a fair trial, but as a matter that falls to be discussed under the right to privacy, in particular the right to correspond.
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