Applicant name X.
Applicant type Natural person (immigrant)
Country Sweden
Decision no. 5525/72
Date 05/02/1973
Institution Commission (Plenary)
Type Decision
Outcome Art. 8 Inadmissible
Reason Exhaustion Domestic Remedies; No Interference
Type of privacy Locational Privacy; Family Privacy; Informational Privacy
Keywords Immigrant; Expulsion; Correspondence hindered; Documents seized
Facts of the case The applicant complains about the seizure by the police of certain documents and other private property belonging to him and the alleged failure of the police to return this property. The applicant has further complained of the alleged delay in delivering certain letters to him and of the detrimental effects on him and his fiancée by reason of his having to live under the threat of the expulsion order.
Analysis With respect to the first part of his claim, he has not exhausted all domestic remedies. With respect to the second part of his claim, the Commission was not presented with any evidence of an interference.
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