Applicant name X.
Applicant type Natural Person
Country United Kingdom
Decision no. 3059/67
Date 04/10/1968
Institution Commission (Plenary)
Type Decision (Final)
Outcome Art. 8 Struck from the list
Reason Settlement
Type of privacy Informational Privacy; Reputation; Indirect Vertical Privacy
Keywords Critical coverage politician by BBC.
Facts of the case Man has founded the fascist party in 1930. The BBC has critically reported on the person after the War.
Analysis Could have been an interesting case for two reasons:

1. Is the BBC a state organ and can the United Kingdom be held accountable for covered alleged to be in violation of the Convention?
2. Is the right to reputation covered by the right to privacy, Article 8 ECHR, as the applicant claims it to be?

However, the applicant has withdrawn his application, to the displeasure of the Commission, which underlines that these are important questions of law. Still, it decides to honour the wish of the applicant and not to continue the application.

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