Applicant name X. and Y.
Applicant type Natural Person
Country Austria
Decision no. 2854/66
Date 18/12/1967
Institution Commission (Plenary)
Type Decision
Outcome Art. 8 Inadmissible
Reason Exhaustion Domestic Remedies
Type of privacy Informational Privacy; Family Privacy
Keywords Right to religion; right to family life
Facts of the case The first Applicant registered the birth of his child and applied for the issue of a birth certificate but refused to inform the Registrar as to the religion of the parents of the second Applicant. The Registrar refused to issue the certificate since the provisions of the Registration Act (Personenstandsgesetz) require that the birth certificate should contain a statement as to the religion of the parents. He feels that the mandatory declaration of religious affiliation constituted an infringement on the right to privacy.
Analysis The case is rejected because the applicant did not exhaust all domestic remedies.
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